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Gutter Lining - Case Study

Thames Water - Whitney WTW

Installation overview

The galvanised sectional steel gutters servicing this building had lost its protection and was degrading badly. 50% of the gutter joints and all 4 outlets were leaking.

Pin holing to the steel was evident in places; replacement was difficult and costly due to access around the fixed machinery located within the building.

Special considerations

After an inspection ERS put together a comprehensive report and specification recommending full lining of the gutter system. Due to the frailness of the gutter manual surface preparation was adopted prior to the application of rust inhibiting primers. Once prepared a 2 coat fully reinforced lining system was applied adopting de-bonding measures over every joint to allow for climatic movement within the gutter

Why ERS was selected

Our client was told that the only option was to replace the guttering? This would not only have been costly but the closure of this building posed many problems.

Within a week of our site inspection this building was completely water tight and serviceable.

With this work costing a fraction of the replacement budget and with no disruption to the water treatment process, needless to say our client was extremely happy.

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